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8 successful Twitter pitches for #PitchCB

For any unpublished author with a Twitter account, #PitchCB is the stuff of legend. On the fourth Friday of every month, the UK literary agents of Curtis Brown invite Twitter pitches. Here are the guidelines.

On 22 April 2016, I joined the hoards – probably about 300 of us – with this:

It was my first go and I wasn’t successful. However I was curious as to what did catch the agents’ attention. For your delectation and education, I present the successful eight from April 2016:

Jonny Geller’s likes


Having changed trains a few time at March station out there on the Fens, I could well believe it. And:

I really enjoyed Rebecca’s blog No sleep, thanks Mr Geller about her reaction.

Rebecca Ritchie’s likes



I loved Jan’s heart-warming blog about what happened next, especially as it includes the line “I did what I’ve done for the last few months: prepared a tweet pitching my novel.”

Richard Pike’s likes



Emma Bailey’s likes


Abbie Greaves’ likes

Goodnight and good luck with your Twitter pitches

I hope you were inspired to tweak your tweet. I might try some numbers in the next one – ’10 commandments, 7 deadly sins, 2 traitors, 1 King’ perhaps?

All the very best of luck to the authors featured. For the rest of us, may the fourth (Friday) be with you!

About the author

H.J. Reynolds has an action adventure about Royalist spies in Oliver Cromwell’s England. The manuscript is complete and she is now seeking an agent. You can contact her at helen[at]

3 thoughts on “8 successful Twitter pitches for #PitchCB

  1. Ha, another writer just brought this blog post to my attention…and I never even saw that like! Curtis Freaking Brown! Grrr

  2. Thank you C and for your feedback on the ‘numbers’ idea. All the very best of luck yourself! P.S. This is going to make a great story at a future literary shindig as to how we know each other 😉

  3. Hello H!

    Thank you so much for the post above – I was going cross-eyed trying to figure out who liked what. Have to say – love your numbers pitch above, made me want to know more immediately.

    Hugest best of luck next week; I shall get practicing too…maybe you should run a hashtag for rehearsals (I would, but Twitter tangles my brain too much). I’m definitely thinking up a few numbery options!

    Thanks again, good luck!


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