Seventeenth century resources

The Interregnum period in Britain (1649 – 1660) can be hard to research. However times didn’t change that quickly in the seventeenth century. Examples from the Civil Wars and early Restoration periods can be useful too.

Here are some great links to seventeenth century evidence and other resource suggestions:


Sir George Downing in the Hague 1658 – 1672

Princess Mary Stuart – Charles II’s sister

William, Prince of Orange – Mary’s son and Charles II’s nephew

17th century baby names

The National Portrait Gallery, London – every time I’m in London, I try to spend some time in The English Civil War room.


Female spies or ‘she-intelligencers’ – more on this academic project by Dr Akkerman

Link to where to buy Invisible Agents – women and espionage in 17th century Britain by Dr Akkerman

Everyday 17th century life

Titles and forms of address in Elizabethan England

Nobility – correct forms of address

Highwaymen in the 17th century

Vagabond dictionary – the language of thieves and cut-throats

The Sealed Knot events – these often have a Living History camp of followers who are really helpful. A big thank you to the surgeons who checked over one of my scenes for inaccuracies.

Coaching Inns in seventeenth century England by Deborah Swift

My Cavalier uniform – Sealed Knot re-enacter Thomas Zugic

British history

British Civil Wars, Commonwealth and Protectorate

The History of London by Walter Besant – Project Gutenberg

The Sealed Knot – history

European history

Hague Courts – Theatrical and Cultural

Historical fiction authors

English Historical Fiction Authors

Sandra Gullard – Louis XIV fiction

Hoydens and Firebrands – Roaring Ladies Who Write About The Seventeenth Century

Fun and Inspiration

Swashbuckling Women Of The Movies

Recycled Movie Costumes – Stuart and Georgian

The Historical Fashion Resource – as recommended by website reader Mia in Colorado


Audley End House and Gardens, near Saffron Walden

The Tower of London

Pavillon Henri IV – hotel in Saint-Germain-en-Laye near Paris

Balzac’s Paris

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