Writing resources

Here’s some articles and links about writing you might find useful. I’ve also included some about the publishing process. On Twitter? I tweet links at @reynoldsauthor

Writers’ retreats

My article on Writers’ retreats: DIY, UK and going abroad

La Muse near Carcassonne, France – I’ve been three times now, so please contact me if you want any details.

Inspiring writers

Matt Cain – looking for some fun chick lit in a glamorous setting? He’s your man. He’s also given me some excellent advice about publishing.

Tracey Chevalier – Girl With A Pearl Earring is my go-to book when I want to immerse myself in Dutch culture.

Bernard Cornwell – My literary hero. if I can create something half as good as Sharpe, I’d be happy.

Samantha Ellis – I’ve known Sam since university. Her How To Be A Heroine book is inspirational.

S.J. Parris – a great friend who murders Elizabethans for a living.

Jessica Redland – writing heart-warming romances set on the Yorkshire coast. Also a generous and insightful source of advice for a fledgling author.

Getting your submission together

How to Write A Capitivating Opening Sentence by Verily Merry Mary

8 Awesome Steps to Revising Your Novel by Writer’s Edit

The Synopsis: Demystifying The Mystery by John Gilstrap

Tips from a Frustrated Intern

Finding your agent

Literary Agent Hunter

How To Get A Literary Agent Without Dying of Old Age

The Agent’s View – A Guide to Finding And Working With An Agent (PDF) by Jonathan Pegg

Meet The Agents – Tips from Literary Agents

I thoroughly recommend attending a “Genre In The Court” fan evening at Goldsboro Books in London. I didn’t meet any agents at History In The Court but there were many enthusiastic authors happy to share tips.

Marketing tips

Author Website Must Haves

The Writer’s Guide to Building Your Email List

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